Aion History Nejakan Server Rules

Aion History Server Rules

1. Basic provisions:

1.1 Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility.
1.2 It is forbidden to buy and sell game values for real money.
1.3 It is forbidden to buy, sell, exchange accounts and characters for game money or game currency.
1.4 All accounts belonging to one player may be subject to sanctions for breaking the rules on one of them.
1.5 An attempt to violate the rules of this project may amount to a perfect violation.

2. The server administration reserves the right to:

2.1 Refuse to provide services without explaining the reasons for a specific person.
2.2 Make changes to the rules of this project, without the consent of users.
2.3 Make changes to the operation of the server, services and services, at its discretion.

3. Server and forum rules:

3.1 Swearing, obscene expressions, insults, threats, extortion, blackmail, incitement of ethnic, interclass or interracial hatred are prohibited. (Punishment: 2-48 hours, or blocking of all player accounts on any of (or all at once) found resources - VKontakte group, forum, discord, game account, etc.)
3.2 The actions of the players on the server must not violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation. (Punishment: Account Ban)
3.3 It is forbidden to use game client errors. (Punishment: Account Ban)
3.4 It is forbidden to perform any actions that may disrupt the gameplay or lead to
server instability. (Punishment: account blocking)
3.5 It is forbidden to impersonate the server administration. (Punishment: Account Ban)
3.6 It is forbidden to demand or distribute private information of players, administration and server employees. (Punishment: Account Ban)
3.7 It is forbidden to spread misinformation about the players, administration and server staff. (Punishment: Account Ban)
3.8 Direct or covert advertising of resources that are not related to this project is prohibited. (Punishment: Account Ban)
3.9 It is forbidden to flood and spam in general chat channels. (Punishment: 2-48 hours)
3.10 It is forbidden to use third-party software. (Punishment: At the discretion of the project administration).
3.11 Write about game errors in the relevant sections.
3.12 It is forbidden to ask the administration and project staff to do anything that is not part of their duties.
3.13 After registering an account, it is forbidden to change the mail account. The owner of the account is the one who owns the mail.
3.14 It is forbidden to distribute information about bugs and server errors on third-party sites (YouTube and so on). Punishment: blocking all player accounts.
3.15 It is forbidden to use swear words, veiled swear words, phrases promoting drugs, as well as other words that violate the laws of the Russian Federation in the nicknames of characters, pets and the names of legions. Punishment: forced renaming of a nickname or legion, at the discretion of the Project Administration, it is possible to issue a coupon to the player for renaming to an acceptable value.
3.16 Prohibited bugging (using game errors) (Punishment: from 2 hours in prison to blocking the player's account)
3.16.1 On the project, it is forbidden to kill Gatekeepers and Flight Masters in all locations of the game world. (Punishment: from 2 hours in prison to blocking the player's account)
3.17 It is forbidden to distribute correspondence with the Project Administration in the game, Discord, private messages of social networks and anywhere on the Internet (Punishment: At the discretion of the Administration)
3.18 It is forbidden to overfill Apa (Punishment: cutting off Apa, and removing gear in case of repeated violations of this paragraph of the rules by the player)

4. When contacting the administration and project staff:

4.1 The appeal must be formed in one message.
4.2 When sending a bug report, be sure to attach a photo or video, which will record the fact of the game client's error.
4.3 The address must not contain profanity.