Affiliate program for streamers (Nejakan)

Dear creators of media content (streamers)!

If you are the owners of Youtube / Twitch channels and take the game, we have a suggestion for you.
Remuneration in the form of premium account and bonus coins for your streams.

What do you need to participate?  

▶ ️ Write to the mail, in the letter to provide links to your channels (for streamers on a affiliate party can take part only under the condition of Twitch/Youtube restming). In the letter, specify contacts for feedback (login of discord)
▶ ️ Be ready to boil at least 2 times a week (recommended number of striming 5)
▶ ️ The duration of each stream should be at least 2 hours
▶ ️ Each Streaming entry on YouTube should collect at least 50 views and at least 10 likes
▶ ️ Under each streaming should be a fixed comment containing links to the server (the links themselves themselves receive in a letter by mail)
▶ ️ Do not advertise and do not fight Other free Aion free Servers until you participate in our affiliate
▶ ️ Send 1 time per week Links with stristers per mail (especially Streaming server opening)
▶ ️ Love the classic versions of Aion 1.2 - 2.7 as well as we 😉

💰 Reward: VIP account + 6000 shops per month

💰 We recommend that you start streaming the server already during the OBT, then stream the server opening and continue streaming

💰 Bonuses will be paid out only after acceptance into the affiliate program

📌 Acceptance into the affiliate program only after the minimum condition is met: server opening stream (3 hours or more) or 3 server streams on different days with a duration of at least 2 hours in total for each day