About project

AionHistory is a unique project with no analogues yet. The client of the game of our project is recreated on the basis of the official Korean client "Aion Classic".

In order to start playing on our project, you do not need to subscribe, buy software to improve ping and undergo repeated verification. Just download the client and start playing for free.

Our advantages:

- Customer assembly fully complies with the Korean official Server "Aion Classic"
- Our project is not a "trimmer" of the previously existing version to the classics.
- the maximum possible implementation of official gaming mechanics
- Excellent geodata (!)
- Mobs bypass obstacles (!)
- The history of the project takes its beginning with version 1.2
- Updates of the game without wipes (1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 1.9, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4, 2.5, 2.7)
- Comfortable ping. Our data center is geographically conveniently posted in Moscow (!), As a result, our players do not need to use an additional software to improve ping in the game
- Reliable protection service from DDOS attack. The presence of hardware filtering will allow you to disprove the operation of the server over the network
- Antichit and antibot system from Active Anticheat will prevent the interference of the game from the outside
- Responsive Administration, which is ready to help gaming questions and help solve various situations
Download the client and start playing with us!

Information on the play store and premium accounts:

The shop is opened through the Inventory by left-clicking on the trash can icon.

Rate without Premium (with Premium) [with VIP]:
- Experience: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Group experience: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Experience for quests: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Collection (experience): x1 (x2) [x3]
- Collection (accrual): x1 (x2) [x3]
- Kraft: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Getting kinar for quests: x1 (x2) [x2]
- Getting AP (ABYSS POINT) for quests: x1 (x1) [x1]
- Drop: x1 (x2) [x3]
- PVP Experience: x1 (x1) [x1]
- AP (ABYSS POINT) for PVP: x1 (x1) [x1]
- AP (ABYSS POINT) for PVE: X1 (X1) [x1]
- Accrual DP for PVE: X1 (x1) [x1]
- Accrual DP for PVP: X1 (x1) [x1]

Where donations can be spent:

1) Buy Premium or VIP (in your personal account on the right link "Buy Premium/VIP")
2) buy goods in the game store (in the game, open equipment, then click on the icon of the basket)

Useful links:

Account registration:
Download the game client: