Premium and VIP accounts (Nejakan)

A Premium and VIP account is bought in your personal account ( Login, then on the right follow the link "Make donation", then "Buy Premium/VIP").

Rate without Premium (with Premium) [with VIP]:
- Experience: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Group experience: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Experience for quests: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Collection (experience): x1 (x2) [x3]
- Collection (accrual): x1 (x2) [x3]
- Kraft: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Getting kinar for quests: x1 (x2) [x2]
- Obtaining AP (ABYSS POINT) for quests: x1 (x1) [x1]
- Drop: x1 (x2) [x3]
- PvP Experience: x1 (x1) [x1]
- AP (ABYSS POINT) for PVP: X1 (x1) [x1]
- AP (ABYSS POINT) for PVE: X1 (x1) [x1]
- Accrual DP for PVE: x1 (x1) [x1]
- DP accrual for PVP: X1 (x1) [x1]

1) Buy a Premium/VIP account (in your personal account on the right, the link "Buy Premium/VIP")  
2) Buy goods in the play store (in the game, open the inventory, then click on the basket icon)

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