Aion 2_7 Revenant Update

Date: April 06, 2024
Aion 2_7 Revenant Update

Dear players!

During maintenance on 04/06/2024 at 18:00 Moscow time, the Aion 2.7 Revenant (Korea) update was installed, which included:

1) Changed the start screen/character selection screen/character creation screen

2) Changes to the general graphics of the game

3) The number of characters on the account has been increased to 9

4) Added a new location - Telos

5) Added a new class Executioner (Soldier)

Initially, the player starts as part of the subclass - Soldier; after completing a special mission, the player becomes - Executioner.
Middle distance class.

Weapon - chainsword.
Armor - leather.

A player who has chosen the "Executioner" class, as a "Soldier", begins leveling up in Telos, and cannot perform certain missions in Ishalgin / Algrad / Bertron / Foeth.
Only the Executioner can level up in Telos.

6) Added Dungeon "Forgotten Telos"

Entry point: Silentera Tunnel
Group: 6 people
Number of entries to the dungeon: 1 time per week.

7) Changes to quests (including those related to “Forgotten Telos”)

1. Added a new weekly quest for each race related to “Forgotten Telos”. Reward - 5 platinum medal fragments.
2. Added a quest for the first passage of “Forgotten Telos” (one-time completion) reward 5k AP
3. Changed the conditions for completing missions - forgotten memories / new star of Atreia
4. The conditions for completing the mission for a special stigma have been changed - instead of 100 pieces of Drana from FT => you need 10 pieces of Drana
5. The cost of items that need to be bought from the Shuraks to open the stigma has been changed - from 20 to 5 Shurak coins.

8) Underground fortresses Krotan/Tki-sas/Ra-Miren - entry is no longer possible

9) Rewards for sieges have been changed

10) Dungeon Tempus is now daily

11) <Chest with ordinary stigma lvl. 20-30> added to bosses Wrathful Judge Kromed / Fallen Judge Kromed / Fallen Judge Kaliga / Angry Judge Kaliga and in Tempus dungeon

12) Added new Executioner class stigmas to the world drop

13) Added new draconic recipes (Chainsword) to Tigraki Island merchants

14) Added apprentice/master/expert recipes (Chainsword) to the world drop

15) Added crafting of epic weapons Rudra

16) Recipes have been added to gunsmiths and are available from the first crafting level

17) Chainsword (of the Most High/Tranquility) has been added to the farm zones of the server.

18) Added Chainsword weapon to all bosses

19) Added new stigma skills for all classes

20) The legion system has been reorganized: a search for legions and registration in the search for legions has been added (the system is being finalized)

21) New items have been added to the VIP Category of the Game Store:


- [id: 125040239] <Headdress "Sweet Ice Cream">
- [id: 125040240] <Music festival headdress>
- [id: 125040200] <Cowboy hat>


- [id: 110900335] <Sweet Ice Cream Outfit>
- [id: 110900336] <Music Festival Costume>
- [id: 110900264] <Cowboy costume>
- [id: 110900333] <Disco Ball Costume>
- [id: 110900334] <Summer Breath Costume>
- [id: 110900340] <Comfortable autumn outfit>
- [id: 110900341] <Test Suit>


- [id: 100001333] <[Event] Deadly Black Tiger Sword>
- [id: 115001377] <[Event] Shield of the Deadly Black Tiger>
- [id: 101701063] <[Event] Deadly Black Tiger Bow>
- [id: 101501047] <[Event] Deadly Black Tiger Staff>
- [id: 101300978] <[Event] Deadly Black Tiger Spear>
- [id: 100901024] <[Event] Deadly Black Tiger Two-Handed Sword>
- [id: 100601087] <[Event] Grimoire of the Deadly Black Tiger>
- [id: 100501035] <[Event] Deadly Black Tiger Orb>
- [id: 100201181] <[Event] Deadly Black Tiger Dagger>
- [id: 100101020] <[Event] Mace of the Deadly Black Tiger>
- [id: 101300963] <Punisher Weapon>


- [id: 190020114] <Siamese kitten embryo (30 days)>
- [id: 190020122] <[Event] Rudra Embryo (30 days)>


- [id: 160010183] <Sneaky transformation candies: courage>
- [id: 160010184] <Candy of invisible transformation: mind>
- [id: 160010185] <Sneaky transformation candies: determination>

- [id: 160010421] <Brave Orange Lemonade Candy (ely)>
- [id: 160010422] <Smart Orange Lemonade Candies (ely)>
- [id: 160010423] <Strong Orange Lemonade Candies (ely)>

- [id: 160010424] <Brave Orange Lemonade Candies (asmo)>
- [id: 160010425] <Smart Orange Lemonade Candies (asmo)>
- [id: 160010426] <Strong Orange Lemonade Candies (asmo)>

- [id: 160010409] <Brave Chihuahua Candy (ely)>
- [id: 160010410] <Smart Chihuahua Candy (ely)>
- [id: 160010411] <Determined Chihuahua Candy (ely)>

- [id: 160010412] <Brave Chihuahua Candy (asmo)>
- [id: 160010413] <Smart Chihuahua Candy (asmo)>
- [id: 160010414] <Determined Chihuahua Candy (asmo)>

- [id: 160010403] <Candy of the brave Doberman (ely)>
- [id: 160010404] <Smart Doberman candy (ely)>
- [id: 160010405] <Determined Doberman Candy (ely)>

- [id: 160010406] <Candy of the brave Doberman (asmo)>
- [id: 160010407] <Smart Doberman candy (asmo)>
- [id: 160010408] <Candy of a determined Doberman (asmo)>

- [id: 160010253] <Candy of the brave pixel daeva (ely)>
- [id: 160010254] <Smart Pixel Daeva Candy (ely)>
- [id: 160010255] <Candy of the determined pixel daeva (ely)>

- [id: 160010256] <Candy of the brave pixel daeva (asmo)>
- [id: 160010257] <Smart Pixel Daeva Candy (asmo)>
- [id: 160010258] <Candy of the determined pixel daeva (asmo)>

We remind you that: the VIP category of the game store becomes available when you receive a VIP account in your personal account after authorization (link on the right: “Buy Premium/VIP”).

Where can donations be spent:

1. Buy a Premium/VIP account (in your personal account on the right there is a link “Buy Premium/VIP”)
2. Buy goods in the game store

How to open the Game Store in the game:
open inventory, then click on the cart icon - screenshot here: and here:

22) Discounts for Premium/VIP

At the request of players, a 10% discount has been introduced on: Premium account for 6 months and VIP account for 6 months.
New options for purchasing Premiums and VIPs have also been added: Premium account for 1 year (with a 10% discount) and VIP account for 1 year (with a 10% discount).

We remind you that Premium and VIP accounts are available for receipt for Tolls in your personal account after authorization (link on the right: “Buy Premium/VIP”).

22) Holiday rates x2

In honor of the updated version of the game, as well as to help newcomers,
between 04/06/2024 22-00 Moscow time and 04/15/2024 11-00 Moscow time holiday rates x2 were introduced

23) Updated game client

Client files are available on the project website:

Attention! For the game to work correctly, you should download the provided client version 2.7
It is impossible to update our old client version 2.5, as well as clients of any other projects, they will not work correctly with our server part.

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Sincerely, Aion History Administration