Happy March 8th!

Date: March 08, 2024
Happy March 8th!


Congratulations to the beautiful half of our server Happy March 8th!

On International Women's Day, we sincerely wish you lightness, cheerfulness, warmth, smiles and good mood.
May all wishes come true, may there be happiness and peace in families. Let wonderful events and bright moments certainly happen in your life.
Be loved, love, inspiring your family and friends.

From 03/08/2024 11:00 Moscow time to 03/12/2024 11:00 Moscow time Holiday rates will be installed on the server!

Description of Holiday rates:

Rates without premium (with premium) [with VIP]:
- Experience: x2 (x3) [x3]
- Group experience: x2 (x3) [x3]
- Experience for quests: x2 (x2) [x3]
- Collection (experience): x1 (x2) [x3]
- Collection (accrual): x1 (x2) [x3]
- Craft: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Receiving kinah for quests: x1 (x2) [x2]
- Gaining AP (Abyss Point) for quests: x1 (x1) [x1]
- Drop: x1 (x2) [x3]
- PVP experience: x1 (x1) [x1]
- AP (Abyss Point) for PVP: x1 (x1) [x1]
- AP (Abyss Point) for PVE: x1 (x1) [x1]
- DP accrual for PVE: x1 (x1) [x1]
- DP accrual for PVP: x1 (x1) [x1]

Sincerely, Aion History Administration