Aion Classic Update 2_5

Date: October 13, 2023
Aion Classic Update 2_5

Dear players!

During maintenance on October 13, 2023 at 18:00 Moscow time, the Aion Classic Korea 2.5 update was installed, which included:

1) Added a new dungeon, Laboratory Tempus (1 player)

Time zone.
Rewards: Abyssal relics, medals, Laboratory Chairman's belt/belt (unique rank)

2) Added a new dungeon: Cache of the 30th Legion (3 players)

Time zone.
Rewards: Abyssal relics, medals.

3) Added new dungeon Marissa's Cave (6 players)

Rewards: Marissa and Empathetic Marissa weapons/equipment (heroic rank)

4) Added 1st Sacred Arena (PvE) (6 players)

Awards: Character insignia.

5) Added 2nd Sacred Arena (PvE) (1 player)

Awards: Character insignia.

6) The entrances to the dungeons (dungeons) of the fortresses of the upper abyss Krotan, Tkisas, Ra-Miren have been moved

Elyos: Island of Shadows.
Asmodians: Island of Solitude.

7) Dungeons of the fortresses Brimstone Fortress, Western Fortress of Cieli, Eastern Fortress of Cieli - no longer available

8) Divine Enchantment

Added Divine Enchantment.
Added Divine Enchantment Masters and Divine Enchantment Stone (Grocer).

9) Added new equipment/weapons/jewelry of the abyss lvl 55 (heroic rank)

Elyos equipment: Garrison Captain and Elite Garrison Captain (divine enchantment level 2).
Asmodian equipment: Akana garrison captain and Elite Akana garrison captain (divine enchantment level 2).
Weapons of the Elyos: Garrison Captain.
Asmodian Weapons: Akana Garrison Captain.

10) Added new quests for the temporary zone Tiak Research Base

Elyos: NPC Angel.
Asmodians: NPC Akun.

11) Added new air currents/geysers in the Ingison and Kelkmaros locations.

12) Prices for skill books have been reduced to level 25.

13) Changes (balancing) to the skills of some classes

You can learn more about the changes by logging into the game or from the official sources of Aion Classic 2.5 (Korean ver.124).

14) Prices in the Game Store have been updated

We remind you that you can get Premium and VIP in your personal account, and the Game Store is located in the game and opens through the Inventory and the Trash icon.

15) Pet food has been added (and fixed) to the Game Store

A new category has appeared: Consumables -> Pet food:

- [id 182006375] <Ethereal biscuit>
- [id 182006376] <Essential Cookies>

These items are available in packs of 10 pieces and 50 pieces.

16) Time scrolls for weekly dungeons have been added to the Game Store

Category: Consumables -> Login Scroll:

- [id 188600050] <Araki Time Scroll>
- [id 188600102] <Liberated Phasumandir Temple>
- [id 188600104] <Tempus Time Scroll>

17) Unique and legendary weapons of the Fire Dragon King (active animation, appearance) have been added to the Game Store (for players with a VIP subscription):

- [id 100001331] <Sword of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100001332] <Shining Sword of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100101018] <Mace of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100101019] <Shining Mace of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100201179] <Dagger of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100201180] <Shining Dagger of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100501033] <Orb of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100501034] <Shining Orb of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100601085] <Grimoire of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100601086] <Shining Grimoire of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100901022] <Two-handed sword of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 100901023] <Shining Greatsword of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 101300976] <Spear of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 101300977] <Shining Spear of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 101501045] <Staff of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 101501046] <Shining Staff of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 101701061] <Bow of the Fire Dragon King>
- [id 101701062] <Shining Bow of the Fire Dragon King>

18) Holiday rates x2

In honor of the updated version of the game, as well as to help newcomers,
between 10/13/2023 22-00 Moscow time and 10/16/2023 11-00 Moscow time holiday rates x2 will be introduced

19) Updated game client

Attention! For the game to work correctly, you should download the provided client version 2.5
It is impossible to update our old client version 2.4, as well as clients of any other projects, they will not work correctly with our server part.
Client files are posted on the project website:

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Sincerely, Aion History Administration