Second game world 1_9

Date: September 16, 2023
Second game world 1_9

Dear players!

We inform you about the imminent Start of OBT and the subsequent opening of the second game world within the framework of the Aion History project with the game server location in Moscow.
From 09/16/2023 18:00 Moscow time, the game server Aion History 1.9 Markutan begins its work in OBT mode (Open Beta Test).
The opening of the world of Aion History 1.9 Markutan is scheduled for 09.23.2023 18:00 Moscow time.

The world of Markutan has a separate website (with RU and EN versions of the language), a separate game client, as well as a separate VKontakte group and Telegram channel.
The well-known Game Master with the nickname GmVenom will help you with gaming issues (both worlds have the same Discord).

We are waiting for everyone (both Russian-speaking and English-speaking) in the vastness of the game world of Markutan!

Useful links:

World website (RU):
Account registration (RU):
Download the game client (RU):

World website (EN):
Account registration (EN):
Download the game client (EN):

Links to social networks (Markutan):

Discord server:
Telegram channel:
VKontakte group:

P.S: The discovery of a new world does not in any way affect the operation of the first world of Nejakan 2.4, it continues to work and subsequent updates as usual.
P.P.S: Be sure to subscribe to the Telegram channel of the world Markutan 1.9, soon they will start drawing donation coins among channel participants.

Best regards, Server Administration