Aion Classic Update 2_4

Date: February 24, 2023
Aion Classic Update 2_4

Dear players!

During maintenance on 02/24/2023 at 18:00 Moscow time, the Aion Classic Korea 2.4 update was installed, which included:

1) Increased experience gained for missions and quests

2) Increased rewards for completing missions, equipment is issued equal to equipment for coins (initial level)

3) Changes in the inventory system and character functionality:

1. Added a special cube for quest items
2. Quest monsters are now displayed with a quest/mission icon
3. Added view of pet bags (if there are pets with bags)
4. Added expansion of the cube from the inventory (bypassing the NPC)
5. Changed the display of the effect of divine stones on the target (skill icon)

4) Added a quick teleport for tasks and quests in the locations of Iskhalgen, Foeta, Altgard, Bertron

5) Added rating of battles in arenas

6) Changes in capitals:

1. NPCs (starting books merchants) moved to the teleport statue in the arena (asmo/eli)
2. Added in Elysium a teleport to the temple of the guards on the second floor (eli)
3. Moved the cybelisk and soul healer in Pandemonium to the teleport statue at the entrance (asmo)

7) Changes in Dungeons:

1. Added entrance to the Distorted Draubnir Cave (Silentera Tunnel) - Boss Legat Bakram (lvl 55)
2. Added entrance to the Liberated Phasumandir Temple (Silentera Tunnel) - Boss Rudra of the Liberated Storm
3. Unleashed Storm weapon added (55 - Epic)
4. Legate weapon drop of the 47th squad has been adjusted for level 55

8) Arena Changes:

1. Added Arena of Glory
2. Players who have won the Arena of Chaos and the Arena of Valor can enter the Arena, having received tickets for the Arena of Glory for the victory.
3. For victory in the Arena of Glory, "Signs of Glory" are issued, for which you can purchase equipment.

9) New items in the in-game store (for players with a VIP subscription):


- [id 110900268] Marine swimsuit
- [id 110900271] Bright red swimsuit
- [id 110900273] Illusion costume
- [id 110900275] Silver Tara fur suit
- [id 110900317] Roaring Black Tiger Suit
- [id 110900326] Jolly star Daru outfit
- [id 110900328] Chocolate party outfit
- [id 110900329] Casual date outfit
- [id 110900330] Memory Drop Costume
- [id 110900346] Golden rose outfit
- [id 110900347] Clothes for burning calories


- [id 125040275] Glasses for burning calories
- [id 125040231] Happy star Daru headdress
- [id 125040233] Chocolate Party Hat
- [id 125040234] Casual date hat
- [id 125040235] Memory Drop Headdress
- [id 125040249] Golden mask
- [id 125040251] Brown cat mask


- [id 187060049] Daru Jolly Star Wings

Christmas Items:

- [id 110900308] Cute Snowman Skin
- [id 110900309] Cute Christmas tree outfit
- [id 110900310] Christmas Candle Costume

10) Holiday rates x2

In honor of the update of the game version, as well as to help newcomers,
holiday rates x2

11) Updated game client

Attention! For the correct operation of the game, it is necessary to download the provided client version 2.4
It is impossible to update our old client version 2.2, as well as clients of any other projects, they will not work correctly with our server part.
Client files are posted on the project website:

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Best regards, Aion History Administration