Happy new year 2023!

Date: January 01, 2023
Happy new year 2023!

Dear players!

The Aion History server administration wishes everyone a Happy New Year 2023!

Happy 2023
We congratulate you now
We wish there were many
Smiles and happy eyes.

May this year bring
Well-being in everything
Fulfillment of desires
Love and joy to your home!

From 12/31/2022 11:00 Moscow time to 01/10/2023 11:00 Moscow time Holiday rates are set on the server!
Description of Holiday rates:

Rates without premium (with premium) [with vip]:
- Experience: x2 (x3) [x3]
- Group experience: x2 (x3) [x3]
- Experience for quests: x2 (x2) [x3]
- Gathering (experience): x1 (x2) [x3]
- Collection (accrual): x1 (x2) [x3]
- Craft: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Getting kinah for quests: x1 (x2) [x2]
- Getting AP (Abyss Point) for quests: x1 (x1) [x1]
- Drop: x1 (x2) [x3]
- PVP experience: x1 (x1) [x1]
- AP (Abyss Point) for PVP: x1 (x1) [x1]
- AP (Abyss Point) for PVE: x1 (x1) [x1]
- DP accrual for PVE: x1 (x1) [x1]
- Accrual of DP for PVP: x1 (x1) [x1]

Best regards, Aion History Administration