Aion Classic Update 2_0

Date: April 15, 2022
Aion Classic Update 2_0

Dear players!

During maintenance on 04/15/2022 18-00 Moscow time, the Aion Classic Korea 2.0 update was installed, which included:

1) Max character level increased from 50 to 55

2) Elyos and Asmodians will be able to visit Balaur lands. There are two zones in this location: Gelkmaros and Inggison

Both zones are under the control of the Balaur lord Tiamat. Location features:
- Monsters lvl 51 and higher.
- Unique natural features.
- Inggison - an outpost of the Elyos in the lands of the Balaur. Kelkmaros is an Asmodian outpost.
- Each zone has two fortresses and four artifacts.
- New flying options: Special airflows will appear in each zone.

3) Added air currents

Air currents are a unique natural phenomenon that is observed only in the lands of the Balaur. Using the power of the streams, daevas can move with their help over long distances in the direction of the movement of the ethereal masses. There are no flight time limits in airflow. While in the air current, the daeva cannot attack random fellow travelers, and no one can attack him. Some air currents are stronger than others, for example, the current in the blue streams is very strong, and you can only leave them at the end of the path. Violet currents are weaker and can be abandoned at any time. To do this, you just need to change direction or jump. When changing direction, the daeva will simply glide down from the flow zone. In the event of a jump, the daeva will begin to fall down.

4) Added new raid bosses. Mutant Nataraz appeared in Gelkmaros, Inggison Valon

Mutant Nataraz - A huge lizard. He used to be a dragon, but as a result of genetic experiments in the laboratory of life, Naduka turned into a huge awkward and very strong creature. He broke out of the lab and now roams the battlefield of Vagabatam.
Guardian Valon - Golem. Patrols the area between the Temple of the Ancient Dragon and the Altar of Greed in Inggison. It is said that it was once part of a temple, but the power of Tiamat brought it to life.

5) Added dungeon "Haramel":

- This zone is available for passing alone, without a group.
- This zone does not require the passage of separate quests, any character from level 15 can get here.
- Elyos can receive quests related to the dungeon in Bertron Fortress, Asmodean - in Altgard Fortress.
- The Elyos can enter the zone through the "Secret Entrance to the Temple" on the Kanthas Coast in Bertron.
- Asmodians can enter the zone through the Hidden Tunnel to Templel, located next to Imfetius.

6) Added dungeons "Abandoned Temple of Udas" and "Dungeon of the Temple of Udas":

Udas Temple is a legacy of the Millennium War. It was built by the fanatics of Lord Britra. In its architecture, this temple resembles the buildings of the ancient inhabitants of Atreia. Long ago, Brithra subjugated the will of these people. He turned them into pathetic puppets, ready to die at one of his gestures. The fanatics, besotted with evil spells, began to worship Lord Britra as a god and built a huge majestic temple in his honor. Many centuries have passed since then, but the cult of Lord Britra has not died out. On the contrary, the fanatics managed to win over thousands of new followers. This demonic cult spread like a plague and Ciel was forced to send her warriors to destroy the temple. Then the fanatics managed to repel the attack of Siel's warriors, but the walls of the temple still bear the imprint of that terrible battle.

Recently, a sect of minions of the Balaur found refuge in the walls of an abandoned temple. They call themselves "dragon worshipers". Your task is to find out what these apostates are up to and help the descendants of the Siel warriors who founded the Yun tribe.

- The maximum number of players is 6 people.
- Level to enter the dungeon - 51+ level.
- Rollback time - 24 hours.

7) Added dungeon "Phasumandir Temple":
Phasumandir Temple is a Balaur temple located deep in the Silentera Tunnel. Here the Balaur bury their heroes. The Phasumandir was built at the behest of Tiamat to leave a mark on the valiant Balaur. The deepest dungeon stores equipment and other relics that belonged to valiant warriors, depending on their personality, they are hidden in an underground mass grave or hero's tomb, which also has a statue in his honor. Also there is a Balaur priest who serves to preserve the memory of the great hero, who also controls the minds of the rest of the Balaur. But it is believed that not only relics associated with Balaur warriors are hidden in the Phasumandir Temple. All this is because even the Silentera Tunnel, in which the temple is located, is guarded by a whole army led by Raksha. Destroying the Raksha army and overcoming all the magical traps on the way will be the new mission of the daeva.

- The entrance is the same for both races, in the Silentera Tunnel.
- Level to enter the dungeon - 55+ level.
- The maximum number of players is 6 people.
- Rollback time - 24 hours.

8) Added a new battlefield "Deradikon Jantra":

Dredikon Jantra is a dungeon for a group in which you need to fight not only against monsters, but also against a group of opponents. A group of opponents is selected automatically, it consists of games

9) Added dungeon "Inner part of Kaspar":

When the Tower of Eternity fell, its wreckage scattered throughout Atreia. It turned out that one large fragment was stuck in the roots of a huge tree. The locals have long considered this tree sacred and worshiped it. The magical power of the Tower of Eternity awakened feelings and reason in the tree. The tree has become ancient. Treebeard grew by leaps and bounds. Its roots penetrated the very heart of Atreia, its branches pierced sky-high heights. Soon Kaspar (such was the name of this ancient) became so large that the natural voids in his body turned into deep and spacious caves. Animals that settled in these voids mutated in a strange way. A detachment of daevas sent to explore the mysterious depths of Kaspar was absent for several days, and when he returned, it turned out that all the warriors were stricken with some strange disease ... It's time for you to go into the womb of Kaspar, teeming with unknown and dangerous creatures. Revenge your comrades-in-arms and find a cure for the mysterious disease that has afflicted them!

- Individual time zone. For daevas who are in any group, the entrance to this zone is closed.
- Level to enter the dungeon 51 - 55 levels.
- Rollback time - 24 hours.

10) The "Ruins of Chaos" dungeon has been added to the Eye of Areshurat

You can enter the dungeon by capturing the fortress.

11) Skill level increased to the level of "expert"

12) Added the functionality of the recipes "Tahabata Weapon Box" and "Tahabata Forged Box" for all professions

13) In the Temple of Kaisinel and the Temple of Markutan, skill books and stigmas for daevas have been added:

In the Temple of Markutan: Mere mortals hardly guess that through one of the statues of the teleporter on the Bifrost Bridge in Pandemonium, you can get to the sanctuary of Markutan. But not every warrior is aware of this secret place. Class instructors, various masters, and priests serve in the temple. High Priest Agehiya tirelessly monitor everyone from the second floor of the building. Silence and twilight coexist in this secluded and gloomy corner of Pandemonium.
In the Temple of Kaisinel: No one knows where the building itself is located. You can get here only with the help of the teleport statue. The sun's rays poured onto the black-and-white tiles of the floor, slipping through the multi-colored mosaic of high windows. It is usually so quiet here that you yourself want to stand on tiptoe and pretend that you are not there at all. A wide balcony stretches along the windows. Mentors and representatives of the Arachne society live here, helping the Daevas become stronger. The high priestess is always busy, so do not disturb her with your problems, it is better to contact her assistants.

14) New items in the in-game store (for players with a VIP subscription):

- Training steel suit [id 110900306]
- Gorgeous mafia wings [id 187060045]
- Gorgeous Mafia Hat [id 125040214]
- Gorgeous mafia costume [id 110900305]
- Hipster Wings [id 187060040]
- Hipster Hat [id 125040208]
- Hipster suit [id 110900300]
- Autumn Picnic Hat [id 125040212]
- Autumn picnic suits [id 110900303]
- Wizard of Oz costume [id 110900286]
- Beach Hero Wings [id 187060038]
- Living swimsuit [id 110900294]
- Cool swimsuit [id 110900292]
- Meowing Cat Shield [id 115001367]
- Cat bow [id 101701045]
- Cat staff [id 101501033]
- Cat Spear [id 101300964]
- Cat's two-handed sword [id 100901009]
- Cat Grimoire [id 100601073]
- Cat Orb [id 100501020]
- Cat Dagger [id 100201167]
- Mace of a cat [id 100101005]
- Cat's sword [id 100001319]
- Meow cat hat [id 125040213]
- Meow Cat Costume [id 110900304]
- Desert Fox Candy (ely) [id 160010319]
- Candy of the Wise Desert Fox (ely) [id 160010320]
- Candy of the brave desert fox (ely) [id 160010321]
- Desert Fox Sweets (asmo) [id 160010322]
- Candy of the Wise Desert Fox (asmo) [id 160010323]
- Candy of the Brave Desert Fox (asmo) [id 160010324]
- Cool Mountain Panda Candy (ely) [id 160010241]
- Wise Mountain Panda Candy (ely) [id 160010242]
- Candy fast mountain panda (ely) [id 160010243]
- Cool mountain panda candy (asmo) [id 160010244]
- Wise Mountain Panda Candy(asmo) [id 160010245]
- Candy fast mountain panda (asmo) [id 160010246]
- Manager benefits (7 days) [id 164002040]
- Manager benefits (15 days) [id 164002041]
- [Action Scroll] Halloween Rest (1 Emote) [id 188500057]
- [Action Scroll] Ice Skating (4 Emotes) [id 188500058]

15) Holiday rates x2

In honor of the update of the game version, as well as to help newcomers,
holiday rates x2 introduced between 04/15/2022 20-30 GMT and 04/19/2022 11-00 GMT

16) Updated game client

Attention! For the correct operation of the game, it is necessary to download the provided client version 2.0
It is impossible to update our old client version 1.9, as well as clients of any other projects, they will not work correctly with our server part.
Client files are posted on the project website:

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