Aion Classic Update 1_9

Date: December 24, 2021
Aion Classic Update 1_9

Dear players!

During the maintenance work on 12/24/2021 18-00 Moscow time, the Aion Classic Korea 1.9 update was installed, which included:

1) Added a new 6v6 battlefield "Research Base Tiak"

Research Base Tiak - This secret laboratory where Tiamat experimented with the creation of Dark Foeta, is a 6v6 battlefield that combines PvP and PvE.

2) Increased experience on missions and tasks

3) Added PvP arenas: Arena of Chaos and Arena of Solitude

4) The siege of the Fortress of Holiness has been added to the Eye of Areshurat

5) Added items for arena signs

6) Added nicknames of the alliance in the form of an evil rabbit

7) According to numerous requests from players from the raid boss Cyclops Menotios [id 251001], the drop rate has been increased

8) New items in the in-game store (for players with a VIP subscription):


- Cool swimsuit [id 110900267]
- Live swimsuit costume [id 110900270]
- Costume of the mischievous whale [id 110900272]
- Hero Beach Suit [id 110900296]
- Dark blue suit [id 110900297]
- Hanbok suit with moonlight [id 110900299]


- Cool beach hat [id 125040202]
- Living cap for swimming [id 125040204]
- Beach headwear [id 125040205]
- Headdress Hanbok with moonlight [id 125040207]
- Dark blue hat [id 125040206]


- Fantasy wings [id 187060025]

9) Holiday rates x2

In honor of the update of the version of the game, as well as to help newcomers,
in the interval 12/24/2021 22-30 Moscow time to 12/27/2021 11-00 Moscow time, holiday rates x2 were introduced

10) Updated game client

Attention! For the game to work correctly, you should download the provided client version 1.9
It is impossible to update our old client version 1.7, as well as clients of any other projects, they will not work correctly with our server side.
Client files are posted on the project website:

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Regards, Aion History Administration