VIP accounts

Date: September 07, 2021
VIP accounts

Dear players!

Please be advised that in addition to Premium accounts, server players have the opportunity to purchase VIP accounts.
The cost of a VIP account for 15 days is 900 rubles, for 1 month - 1800 rubles.
Buying a VIP account is a great opportunity to make the game more comfortable and support our project, the funds will be used to improve the server and attract new players.

Rates without Premium (with Premium account) [with VIP account]:
- Experience: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Group experience: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Experience for quests: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Gathering (experience): x1 (x2) [x3]
- Collection (accrual): x1 (x2) [x3]
- Craft: x1 (x2) [x3]
- Getting kinah for quests: x1 (x2) [x2]
- Getting AP (Abyss Point) for quests: x1 (x1) [x1]
- Drop: x1 (x2) [x3]
- PVP experience: x1 (x1) [x1]
- AP (Abyss Point) for PVP: x1 (x1) [x1]
- AP (Abyss Point) for PVE: x1 (x1) [x1]
- DP accrual for PVE: х1 (х1) [х1]
- DP accrual for PVP: x1 (x1) [x1]

Also, the VIP account will give access to the "VIP" tab in the game store, where some unique products will be available, as well as new items of the store with a 25% discount.
The "VIP" tab of the game store will be filled approximately on 09/10/2021 during the day.

To buy a VIP-account, you need to go to your personal account, then follow the link on the right "Buy Premium/VIP".

If you already have a valid Premium account, then when you buy a VIP account, tolls will be returned to your account in proportion to the number of Premium days remaining.
And you can spend the returned coins in the in-game store or renew your VIP.

P.S: We continue to work on finalizing the server.
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Best regards, Aion History Administration