Aion Classic 1_5 update

Date: June 04, 2021
Aion Classic 1_5 update

Dear players!

During the maintenance work on 06/04/2021 18-00 Moscow time, the Aion Classic Korea 1.5 update was installed, which included:

1) Added time zone "Foeth of Darkness":

Number of participants: 6
Level: 50
Re-entry time: 24 hours
Entry condition: Time stone 1 pc.

- For the first entrance, you must complete the quest, which can be obtained from NPC Ray in Elysium and Heimdall in Pandemonium.
- After completing the quest, you can do it again to get the Time Stone.

2) Added a time zone "Nightmare":

Number of participants: 1
Level: 37 - 44
Re-entry time: 22 hours

-The entry task can be obtained from NPC Ferento in Interdike and Nera in Beluslan.

3) Added Deradikon time zone:

Number of participants: 6 to 6
Level: 46 ~ 50
Re-entry time: 2 hours.
Entry time: Daily 12:00, 20:00, 00:00

- You can get to Deradicon by clicking on the icon near the mini-map or through the NPC:
for the Eliyev - Iotades, Velasgos, Asellus.
for Asmodians - Rukbar, Oakham, Buri.

4) In Interdik, faults have been added leading to the Draubnir cave.
- Rifts appear daily at 8: 00-14: 00, 20: 00 ~ 02: 00.

5) Added NPC Shego, selling materials for quests for stigma
+ added corresponding quests

6) Added level 50 daevanion quests. The initial quest can be obtained from NPC Raverintos in Elysium and Kvasir in Pandemonium.

7) Enhancement Cookies and Jelly now have separate reuse times.

8) The appearance of the wings can now be changed.

9) Some items (weapons, armor, jewelry) can no longer be sold at auction or sent by mail.

10) The amount of kinah dropped from monsters in Theobomos and Brustkhonin has been reduced.

11) Changed the message that appears when trying to use an image that is not suitable for the Legion emblem.

12) The store icon in the menu has been changed.

13) Added the ability to hide the legion's headdress and cloak using the checkboxes in the profile window.

14) Fixed a bug due to which the message of the personal shop was sometimes not displayed.

15) The following items have been added to the store:

- [Action Scroll] Professional Boxer - 30 days
- [Scroll of Action] Kung Fu Master - 30 Days
- [Scroll of Action] Master of the Storm - 30 Days

- Pajamas with animals
- Red carpet dress
- Nyan Nyan Cat Costume
- Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Boy Costume
- Cat headdress
- Black transparent headdress

Wings (appearance):
- Feather Tweetty
- Red carpet wings
- Little Red Riding Hood and Wolf Boy Wings

- Swift Polar Bear Candy (for Asmodians)
- Swift Polar Bear Candy (for Elyos)
- Strong Pink Tiger Candy (for Asmodians)
- Strong Pink Tiger Candy (for Elyos)
- Fast Dundee Candy (for Asmodians)
- Fast Dundee Candy (for Elyos)

16) Fixed quest:

(id 3703) "[Dungeon / Group] Balaur Mentors"
Eliminate the Balaur mentors in the Nasan camp. Artifact Keeper of Nasan (1) Guard of Nasan (1) Creator of the Nasan Barrier (1) Gatekeeper of Nasan (1) Brando awaits your report. Kill the Balaur mentors who train the Draconian soldiers at Camp Nasan.
Mobs were not counted when completing the quest. The quest is fixed, mobs are counted.

17) Updated the drop of the named "First Guardian Chafiel" (the entire list).

18) Fixed quest:

(id 1345) "Ring found in the desert"
- Find out what Creon of Elysium has to say.
Go to the Hanging Garden. There is a fountain, throw a ring into it.
- Find out what Democritus has to say.
When performing the second point, the ring was not usable. This bug has been fixed.

19) Fixed the Rebel dagger mob Rivar which was in the air. The mob is now in the correct position.

20) Holiday rates x2

In honor of the update of the version of the game, as well as to help newcomers,
in the interval 04.06.2021 22-00 Moscow time to 07.06.2021 11-00 Moscow time, holiday rates x2 have been introduced

21) Updated game client

Attention! For the game to work correctly, you should download the provided client version 1.5
It is impossible to update our old client version 1.2, as well as clients of any other projects, they will not work correctly with our server part.
Client files are posted on the project website:

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Best regards, Aion History Administration