Update 11

Date: April 28, 2021
Update 11

Dear players!

During maintenance (in recent days), an update was installed, which included:

1) The Dreadnought Deradikon has been worked out:

Complaints have been received from players that Balaur do not appear on Abyssal Fortresses during sieges. Dreadnought Deradikon
has been fully worked out and the chance of Balaur spawning during a siege has been increased.

2) Fixed the quest "Paralyzing medicine":

Quest "Paralyzing medicine" (id 2664). Quest conditions:
- Pour the Paralyzing Potion into the Rivar Rebel Drinking Water Jug (5)
- Talk to Devi.
An error occurred when one of the conditions of the quest was fulfilled. The quest has been fixed and works correctly.

3) Changes to the Fire Sanctuary:

The dungeon Sanctuary of Fire was worked out and the entrance to the dungeon was changed from level 30.

4) Server side optimization

Cut out an extra service that is not involved in this version.

5) Avoiding obstacles

Improved obstacle avoidance algorithm.

6) Designed by Atin Steel Hook:

In the dungeon "Steel Fin" RB Atin Steel Hook (id 100600887) was worked out. The shield time of Atin Steelhook has been reduced.

P.S: We continue to work on finalizing the server.
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Regards, Aion History Administration