Update 5

Date: March 03, 2021
Update 5

Dear players!

03/02/2021 at 19:00 Moscow time, a game client patch was uploaded, aimed at translating some quests and dialogues in the game.
The patch is optional, but recommended for updating.

1) If you don't have a game client

If you have not downloaded the game client before, you can download the current client from the following links:
In this case, you do not need to update the client, start it right away.

2) If you have a game client

If you downloaded the client before 03/02/2021 19:00 Moscow time, you can update the game client using a manual patch.
You can download and install the patch from the website page:

Installing the patch: unpack the archive to the root of the game with the replacement of files, then start the game.

If you have difficulty installing a patch or downloading and running the game client,

then write to the messages of the VK server group: