Update 2_0 announcement

Date: April 09, 2022
Update 2_0 announcement

Dear players!

We inform you that the preparations for the upgrade of the Aion History server from version 1.9 to version 2.0 are almost completed
Aion Classic 2.0 (Korea) update installation date: 04/15/2022 at 18-00 Moscow time

Update highlights:

(1) Will there be a server wipe?

The update will be made WITHOUT a server wipe, that is, all accounts and characters in the game will remain in place.

(2) What is the next version of the game?

After 2.0, after a while, the server will be updated to 2.2 (exactly the same, WITHOUT wipe)
We remind you that the versions of the game correspond to Aion Classic Korea, but in our case, updates are delayed from Korea, as we need time to prepare each version.

(3) Game client

The game client will be provided for download on 04/10/2022 during the day.
Attention! For the correct operation of the game, it is necessary to download the provided client version 2.0
It is impossible to update our old client version 2.0, as well as clients of any other projects, they will not work correctly with our server part.

Client files will be posted on the project website:

(4) English language patch

Together with the Russian-speaking client, the English client of the game will also be available.

(5) What will be included in Update 2.0?

Brief description of innovations:

1. The maximum level of characters has been increased from level 50 to level 55
2. Elyos and Asmodians will be able to visit the lands of the Balaur. There are two zones in this location: Gelkmaros and Inggison
3. Added air currents
4. Added new raid bosses. Mutant Nataraz appeared in Gelkmaros, Inggison Valon
5. Added dungeon "Haramel"
6. Added dungeons "Abandoned Temple of Udas" and "Dungeon of the Temple of Udas"
7. Added dungeon "Phasumandir Temple"
8. Added a new battlefield "Deradikon Jantra"
9. Added dungeon "Inner part of Kaspar"
10. "Wrathful Cyclops Menotios" added to the Eye of Areshurat
11. Skill level increased to the level of "expert"
12. Added the functionality of the recipes "Tahabata Weapon Box" and "Tahabata Forged Box" for all professions
13. In the Temple of Kaisinel and the Temple of Markutan, skill books and stigmas for daevas have been added
14. New items added to the shop

A more detailed description of the update will be in the news on the project website, on the day of the update.

(6) Holiday rates

In honor of the update of the game version, as well as to help newcomers,
holiday rates x2

P.S: Come play on the Aion History server and stay with us!
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Best regards, Aion History Administration