Update 12

Date: May 02, 2021
Update 12

Dear players!

During maintenance (in recent days), an update was installed, which included:

1) Fixed Atin Steel Hook:

In the "Steel Fin" dungeon, a timer bug on the shield of Atin Steel Hook has been fixed.
The shield time was displayed for 3 hours, but in fact it was 2 minutes.

2) Fixed "Blacklist":

Players have received complaints that the blacklist duplicates the nicknames of players who were
blacklisted. This error has been fixed, the nicknames of the players are not duplicated.

3) The "invis" command has been worked out:

The "invis" command has been worked out. From now on, the character moves unbent.

4) The gatekeepers were corrected:

The gatekeepers (teleportation between locations) of Eltenen, Interdika, Morheim and Beluslan were worked out.

5) The senior commanders of Deradikon have been worked out:

Complaints have been received that the senior commanders of Deradikon are not attacking the Protectors of the fortresses, they are inactive.
This has been corrected, Deradikon's senior commanders will attack the Advocates correctly.

6) Fixed the quest "Toothy Reynas":

Quest "Toothy Reynas" (id 3228). Quest conditions:
Your aim:
1. Toothy Reynas.
2. Talk to Beramon.
3. Beramon asked you to destroy the toothy Reinas.
When the first condition was met, mobs were not counted and the quest was impossible to turn in. This phenomenon has been corrected,
the quest is submitted correctly.

7) Lord Ranmark was worked out:

Complaints have been received that Lord Ranmark did not summon skeletons in the Fort Adma dungeon. This phenomenon has been corrected.
Lord Ranmark summons skeletons correctly.

P.S: We continue to work on finalizing the server.
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Regards, Aion History Administration