Update 8

Date: March 30, 2021
Update 8

Dear players!

During maintenance work (as well as in recent days), an update was installed, which included:

1) Fixed the work of Amulets. It was revealed that under certain conditions of using the Amulets, they could fly off earlier than the specified time. The problem has been fixed.

The following amulets have been fixed for this issue:
ID: 169620000 - Amulet of Lodas
ID: 169620006 - Amulet of Demros
ID: 169620007 - Amulet of Verdin I
ID: 169620010 - Amulet of Verdin I
ID: 169620011 - Amulet for Damin I

2) As of 03/30/2021 11:00 Moscow time, the amulets have been returned to the in-game store.

We remind you that the game store is available in the game itself, for this you need to open the inventory, then click on the basket icon in the upper left part of the inventory window.

3) At the request of players, the following guides have been added to the forum:

- Checking the activation of a premium account. Description of the premium account:
- Titles on Aion History:
- Fault / Rift Schedule:

We continue to work on improving the server.
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Regards, Aion History Administration