Update 7

Date: March 25, 2021
Update 7

Dear players!

During the maintenance work on 03/25/2021, an update was installed, which included:

1) Fixed a problem with sendlogs when crafting:

There have been complaints from players that during crafting, sendlogs have occurred from time to time. The problem has been fixed.

2) The problem with the quest "Immortal Spirits" has been solved:

Complaints were received from players about the quest "Immortal Spirits" (id 1742). Conditions:
- Destroy the Asmodian spirits
Undying Warrior (10)
Immortal Soldier (3)
Immortal Healer (3)
- Report to Deidamia.
Mobs were re-counted for the following number of killed mobs:
Undying Warrior: 5/10
Immortal Healer: 2/3
The problem has been fixed. Mobs are counted correctly.

3) Fixed issue with kibelisk:

There was no cybelisk in the Interdick location, Interdica Tower (coordinates: X: 1450.77 Y: 1344.96 Z: 175.0 H: 118).

The problem has been resolved.

4) The problem with mobs in the abyss has been solved:

The following mobs in the Arashurat location have had their HP increased:
- Ashy piece of lava (id 253717)
- Lava stone (id 253720)
- Withered wooden man (id 253700)

5) The problem with RB in the Nasan Training Camp has been resolved:

Two Training Camp Guardians have been found in the dungeon at Nasan's Training Camp. The problem has been resolved. Removed superfluous.

6) Fixed quest in Nasan:

[Dungeon / group] Assassination of the defender lord of the Nasan fortress (id 4702). When completing the quest, the gates of the fortress were not counted for the quest.

The problem has been resolved. The gates are scored correctly.

7) The problem with the quest "The Last Gate" has been solved:

Quest "The Last Gate" (id 2042) Appeared prematurely. The problem has been fixed. The quest appears after completing the quest entry chain into the abyss.

8) Some mobs have been removed:

In the Eltenen location, Mandry Forest, invisible mobs have been removed.

9) Removed items from the game store:

We have received complaints from players about the faulty functionality of some items from the in-game store. The following items have been temporarily removed from the in-game store for further fixes:
- Embryo of the Chief Mu-mu
- Elder Mu-mu Embryo
- Lunar Phagos Embryo

We continue to work on improving the server.
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Regards, Aion History Administration